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Alien Love Call

“What’s that howling noise?” Bill looked out over the Great Swamp. “It sounds like someone is in agony.”
            Then old man stretched out on the sand using the base of a statue as a pillow. “She is. She’s calling for a mate. So far, I haven’t heard a male answer. I’ve been on this planet studying their lost civilization for ten years. Sometimes a male never returns the invitation.”
            “What happens then?”
            “She misses out on her childbearing cycle. Then she has to wait another year.”
            “We’ve seen and talked with some males. Why don’t they answer her call?”
            The old man shook his head. “These women are mean. The disease that caused the collapse of their civilization changed their genetic makeup. They treat men terrible and sometimes keep them as slaves for years.” He cocked his head toward the swamp. “That howl was closer. She may be hunting in this area.”
            “What is she hunting? How come I haven’t met any?”
            “They keep to themselves most of the time. I’ve met a few hundred and for some reason they don’t like me but they tolerate me to a degree.” He scrambled to his feet. “That call was closer and behind us. There must be two females.” He peered around the side of the statue. “Oh, oh, she’s coming toward us and she’s got one of those devil cats they control with their mind. Another thing their screwed-up DNA allows them to do. Let me do the talking.”
            They stepped out in full view and waited for the woman.
            “Whooie, she’s an ugly looking alien, ain’t she?” Bill moved out in front and raised his hand.
            She nodded at the cat. In three bounds, it was in front of Bill, snarling and showing four-inch fangs. “Old man, who is this fool you brought to us? A sorry looking specimen. He is not worth the reward. You were supposed to bring us a big healthy earth man.”
            “He is the only one I could get. Please let me stay. I’m writing a scientific paper on your lost civilization. It will make me famous in this arm of the galaxy.”
            The cat backed a few meters away keeping its huge red eyes on Bill. The woman walked closer, looking at Bill from different angles.
            “He’ll have to do.” She smiled showing prominent eyeteeth. “How do you like your new home?”
            Bill stared at the old man. “What have you done? Did you sell me?”
            The old man shrugged his shoulders. “You know how it is in the academic world. It’s dog eat dog.” He grinned weakly at Bill. “They won’t hurt you. They say they’ll take good care of you.”
            “They say! They may be cannibals. I could be their dinner next week. Tell them you’ve changed your mind. You want to keep me.”
            “I can’t do that. I need these women’s information for my paper. Think of yourself as being sacrificed for the advancement of academic knowledge. I’ll visit their village next year and bring you all the news. Maybe I can buy you back.”
            “Why do they want me?”
            The man shook his head. “I really don’t know. The women have been very tight lipped about what they are doing with you guys.”
            The woman rested her rifle against the statue. “We need his DNA. The disease that killed 90% of our population four hundred years ago also causes our DNA to be constantly in a state of flux or change. We are using human DNA to aid in stabilizing our DNA. We have had some successes. Just think, some of your DNA may be in the next generation of our race.”
            Bill tried to back away from the huge devil cat. “I don’t want that. I want to go back to earth. Take him, he’s smarter than me.”
            The woman picked up her rifle. “He’s not that intelligent and he’s too old.” A low howl came from the swamp. “Are you ready to go?” She nodded at the cat and pointed her rifle in the direction of the howl.
            The devil cat snarled and forced Bill to walk away from the old man.
            The man gave a brief wave. “I’ll see you next year or the year after for sure.”
           A more human looking woman stepped out of the swamp and waited for them. Finally she said, “Whooie, he’s an ugly looking alien, ain’t he.”