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Simple Joys are some of the Best
I remember so wishing I was an adult when I was a kid.  Then, I could make my own decisions and have a job where I could make my own money.  The thought of independence has always appealed to me.  In my early twenties, I sat through a financial presentation with my boyfriend at the time.  The speaker kept touting the goal of becoming financially independent one day.  Yes, I thought as I was sitting there, that’s exactly what I want as my financial goal.  He’d hit the nail on the head.  Apparently, my boyfriend was thinking the same thing.  Unbeknownst to us at the time, it became one of the things that solidified our relationship and we’ve now been happily married for twenty-six years. 
We are both now in our early fifties, and it’s been a time of a lot of personal reflection for me.  I wouldn’t call it a mid-life crisis, but it certainly is a mid-life introspection of how I feel about the life I’ve led to this point.  One of the things I’ve now realized is that it often sucks to be an adult.  So many decisions and so many responsibilities – and with the frantic pace of life these days, there never seems to be enough time to accomplish everything and certainly not enough time to feel truly relaxed.
With it being early February, it’s still early enough into the new year to try to make a resolution.  I’d like to laugh more and try to think like a kid more.  I used to love to skip when I was a kid.  While I certainly worried growing up about whether people would like me or how I’d fit in, I remember having a pretty optimistic view of life.  I was quite self-conscious, but somehow I never seemed to stay down for long.  That’s what I’d like to tap into more of. 
As the adult problems and concerns of the world we’re faced with continue to mount, it will be my goal to take mini time-outs on the real world.  In my mind, I’ll see the kid skipping along the sidewalk in front of my old house.  Skipping, playing hopscotch, and teetering around on plastic high heels were my favorite things to do on that sidewalk.  My resolution will be to conjure up those memories this year and savor them during the times when being an adult gets a little too rough.
J. Marx